Just Tell Me Why I Should Choose You.

Because our software and service is better than the rest. It is as simple as that. What is more, we provide our services at a great price. Contact us for more info and demonstration.

I want to see your DMS. Can I Test Drive It?

Yes. We can do a demonstration to give you a clear picture of our features. You can check out the system in our demo account by your self at your own time as well. Contact us for more info and demonstration.

What will I get for my money?

We will setup an account for you to access the system. You can then setup multiple users. Email hosting comes with webmail and calendar. If you purchased a website, we will work with you to set it up and do a basic SEO. We will help you with any questions you have.

OK, I'm Convinced. How do I signup?

Great! Just go to our sign up page and fill in your info and submit the form. Contact us if you have any questions.
Carsinia provides the best dealer management software solutions for used car lots. Reconditioning, transportation, auctions, sales, floor planning and business intelligence are the main highlights. Our dealer websites are very impressive.

Used Car Lot Software

Too many systems managing your business? Carsinia provides an online DMS (dealer management system) that is designed for used car lots. We offer a complete solution. You will not need any other software and enter customers and vehicles ONCE. This speeds up your sales process and reduces errors.

Online Dealer Management System

Our DMS is superior to Windows based systems. You can use it from multiple computers. Multiple people can use it at the same time. You do not need to install anything and not worry about backups and upgrades. No sending inventory to your website. Everything in one place. Carsinia is a fully online solution.

Auto Dealer Websites and Marketing

You need a website where you can list your cars. It does not matter what your size is. Even if you sell 3 cars per month, a website will boost your sales. We provide websites that are ready for search engine optimization at a great price.

Contact us for more info and demonstration.

dealer auction software


Used car lots get new vehicles in 2 ways: auctions and trade ins. Buying a car in auction is more costly than doing a trade. Most of the time a staff has to be actually present at the auction. This can mean travel expenses if the auction is far. Then there are the purchasing fees. Our DMS can help you track your auction costs. We also have floor planning features. Because our system is online, if you have a smart phone, you can enter the vehicle right at the auction as you buy it.


The purchased car may need to be moved to the dealer premises. Transportation can be costly. You may choose to drive the car your self or use a shipping company. Our DMS can track both cases. You can arrange multiple stops and update vehicles at once when the transport truck arrives.


A common issue with many dealer systems is that trades need to be entered separately. Our DMS makes this process simple. You can enter trades at the sale time. This saves time and money and prevents errors.

Contact us for more info and demonstration.

dealer reconditioning software


Most dealers do minor repairs after they get a new car. This is like staging for real estate. You have a product and you want to present it in its best state for sale. If you have a service shop, that is great. You can save money and use your staff for most of the repairs. If not, you will need to use other vendors. This is the reconditioning process. Most dealers have a more or less standard set of steps that are used for used car repairs. Replace missing part, windshields, etc. Your used car software should keep track of these steps and how they are applied.

Parts Management

Our system can also keep track of the parts used for repairs. You can enter your parts to the system and use them when entering repair work. The stock count will be decremented. We also have a simple order tracking for parts. Our DMS can store shipping tracking numbers. When the order arrives, the part count will be incremented. If you sell the parts or realize you lost some you can always update the stock count manually.

Contact us for more info and demonstration.

dealer marketing software

Dealer Websites

The world is changing fast. We use Internet for all our needs. Used car lots need a website where they can list their cars. It does not matter what the size is. A website will help you grow your business and make your life easier. Today, you can get a dealer website for a very low price. Even if you sell one more car it will be worth it. Our DMS is integrated with your website. In fact, they are the same system. Our VIN decoder will show the specs of your cars on your website. You can do SEO for every page and each of your cars so that buyers can find your vehicles on Google.

Inventory Distribution

You want to sell even more cars? You can start posting your cars to other sites. The main ones are Autotrader, cars.com, Craigslist. Our software helps you post your vehicles to these sites as well as cudlautosmart.com. We make posting to Craigslist as easy as possible. When you use full online marketing power of our DMS, you will attract many leads to your store.

Contact us for more info and demonstration.

dealer sales software


With our DMS, you can save notes about your phone calls to leads and clients. Also, you can check how many calls were made, how many emails were sent and how many of them resulted in visits and sales.


You got the customer to come in. Now you need to crunch some numbers. Our deal wizard makes it easy. Enter the fees, costs and trade info and check the monthly payments. We guide you through the sale process step by step.

Credit Reports

You need to check your prospect's credit. As a dealer, you have a legal duty to make sure that you do not sell to a certain group of people (OFAC list). Our credit reports supplied by CredCo make sure that you sell to the right people.

Credit Apps

It is tough being the small guy. Most used car lots are smaller in size. This does not help with financing. We provide direct integration with EZ Dealer Finance. Now you can get financing for your customers and enjoy participation profits.

dealer reporting software

Vehicle Reports

Our DMS provides many vehicle reports that help you run your business day to day. Some examples: vehicles that need reconditioning work, due floor plan loan (helps avoid late fees), need registration, etc.

Sales Reports

Check your sales progress monthly, weekly or daily. Easy to read charts. You can see your costs and vehicle turn around times and most importantly profits.

CRM Report

This report shows you how your sales people are doing. How many calls did they make and how many of them converted to sales. You can see your best and worst sales people.

Online Leads Report

How many people viewed my ads on Craigslist? How many of them came to my website? How many emails did I get as a result of this? Online leads report shows you this info.

We add reports based on customer demand. Contact us for more info and demonstration.

Online Dealer Management System by Carsinia