Used Car Online Marketing: Dealer Websites, SEO, Inventory Distribution, VIN Decoder

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Internet has changed the auto industry. Running a dealership is a more online operation more than ever. Customers find the car they want on Google, Autotrader,, Craigslist and eBay. If you cannot embrace this change, you cannot survive. Our dealer software gives you a big boost from this perspective.

VIN Decoder and Specs: In order to market your cars on the net, you need the specs. You cannot just say I have this car, here are the pictures. You need some substance to it. What are the key features? What's the MPG? What's the load capacity? How much does it weigh? If you do not answer these questions in your page, you will lose customers. Obtaining the specs for a vehicle is done with a software called VIN Decoder. We use the best VIN Decoders in the industry by Chrome. We give very detailed info about your cars. What is more, if you have a car that may not be available in the standard specs database, you can always enter the specs yourself. You can override the specs if you like. This is a huge flexibility that is not available in other systems. It is a big issue for classic car, motorcycle, RV and truck dealers. Our software can support them all.

Dealer Websites: Your website is your online presence. Online marketing without a website is like trying to sell cars without a store. You just cannot afford not to have a website. We provide websites that are integrated with the DMS (dealer management system). In fact, they are the same system. It is very simple to post your cars and edit website pages. What is more, they are design with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. What this means is that you can adjust our used car lot websites to rank higher on Google for any keywords you are going for.

Inventory Distribution: Consumers go to 5 major sites for searching for their next cars: Google, Autotrader,, Craigslist and eBay. In order to be found in Google, all you need to do is work on your website and SEO. For others, you would need to post your cars. Our DMS can post your cars automatically to Autotrader and nightly. You can post to eBay Motors (Local Classifieds) and Craigslist one at a time. We also can feed your cars to If you use other sites for marketing your cars, you can keep track of the costs in our system.

Offline Media: Do you advertise in TV, newspapers and magazines? Do you wonder how much you are spending on them? You can save your expenses in our software and then report on it.

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