Used Car Reconditioning Software and Parts Management

Used Car Reconditioning Software and Parts Management

Reconditioning is a major part of the operation for used car lots. Nearly every car is going to need some kind of work that will be costing time and money. Our dealer management system (DMS) helps you keep track of every aspect of this process. It is a key part of our system that cannot be found in other systems.

Process: You can define your reconditioning process in our DMS. This is an easy task for most (if not all) dealers. Changing oil, replacing tires, windshield, DVD player, adding fluids, inspections, repairing brake system are all examples of your reconditioning steps. You would have 20-30 such items in your process. You would then use them in saving the work done.

Parts: You can manage your part orders that you will use for repairs. You can define them, order them and use them when entering reconditioning work. You can check how many you have in your inventory for any given part and track orders.

Employees: With our DMS, you can determine the work that needs to be done for a vehicle and get print outs on a daily basis. You can then take that print out and give it to your employees to tell them what you want them to do for that day. At the end of the day, they can come and report what they managed to complete.

Reporting and Costs: For each reconditioning work entered, you can add how much it cost, part and vendor used. This is an important step in determining how much you spent on a car. You can check how much you have been spending on a month to month basis as well. You can also check which vehicles need assessment, has remaining work and which ones are ready for sale.

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