Used Car Sales Software, CRM, Desking, Credit Reports, Credit Apps, Forms, Registration

Used Car Sales, CRM, Desking, Credit Reports, Credit Apps, Forms

You purchased your vehicle, posted ads on the Internet, now you got some leads. Our dealer management system (DMS) helps you with the sales from start to end.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management): You need to record your communications with your leads. This is not only useful to check when they call back, but also for repeat sales. CRM is also the system where you keep track of the performance of your sales staff. You can check the progress overall and go down to regional or sales person level.

Desking: Our deal wizard guides you all through out the sales process. You can negotiate the terms and conditions with the customer. It is very easy to check the loan payments. You can enter all the fees and costs and find an acceptable deal. We also have a quick quote screen for giving rough numbers very quickly.

Credit Reports: You can check out the credit reports for customers very quickly. We provide the credit reports through CredCo. If you do BHPH, this is a great way of finding out all the info you need about your buyer. You can get credit reports from 3 bureaus and merge them. If the person is in the OFAC list you get alerts (for red flag compliance). The same applies when it is likely that there is an identity theft. Go to our CredCo signup page to signup.

Credit Apps: We provide a generic credit application form that simplifies the loan process. You can also get an account with EZ Dealer Finance and send apps through our DMS. What is more, you can keep track of your reserve (a.k.a. participation) profits.

Printing Forms: We can make it really easy for you to print out your forms. We pre fill the info that can be filled and you can complete the rest. Printing PDF forms is as easy as that. All you need is signatures. We also have a second type of forms called NCR forms. These are setup for dot matrix printers. You can define and adjust these forms for your printer.

Sale: You can enter the traded vehicle details at the time of the sale and create it automatically in the system. We also have features for post sale process like registration, title and rebates. Floor planning reports will detect which vehicles will now need to be paid off.

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